Buy or sell dump trucks online with ease

Buy and sell used or new dump trucks online with ease. Dump Truck Only offers the best deals in the country. Buy dump trucks today as we guide you through buying the truck you want, with options of leasing that work to your budget. If you want to buy a dump truck online, you have found the best authoritative resource.

At Dump Trucks Only, you can buy dump trucks like this single axle.
Maybe you need a pup trailer to tow behind, we got you covered. You can buy a pup trailer online here:


How do I buy a dump truck online?

It’s easy, once you do your research, you can search on our site, find the dump truck and get in contact with the dealer. They’ll set up shipment, payment, and you’ll get it right at your front door.


True Lease – Operating Lease

Also called a Fair Market Value Lease, a True Lease allows you to write off each lease payment as an operating expense. When the lease term is up, you will have the option to renew the lease, upgrade the equipment, purchase it at Fair Market Value, or send it back.

Capital Lease

A Capital Lease is designed for you to own the equipment at the end of the payment period. We have created an easy way for you to purchase the equipment at the end of the term for just $1 (or $101, depending on your state
tax laws).

Rental Agreement

We have the ability to structure an agreement as a Rental. Choose the term that suits your needs, commence
the agreement and simply rent the equipment or software. Rental Agreements are a great way to overcome
budget constraints.

Equipment Finance Agreement

EFA is a simple loan to your business that allows you to buy the equipment you need. Make your payments and at the end of your term, you are done. You chose what to finance including equipment, shipping, taxes, warranties etc.

Talk to use today

Want some help buying your truck? Talk to one of our dump truck reps here

How it works

It’s easy! Browse our site, search features or by make and model and find your truck. Once you find the dump truck you want, you can fill out the contact form or call the dealer. From there we’ll set up a place and time to drop off your dump truck that works for you.

Here’s a more thorough explanation on how to get your dumptruck!

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