Where to buy used heavy construction machinery online

3 places to buy and sell heavy machinery online

Buy heavy machinery online at Onlyinc.com



Onlyinc.com has a great selection of machinery you can filter through. The machines are inspected and can be delivered right to where you need. Factoring in Onlyinc’s vetting process, you’re going to find a solid machine you can rely on.

Buying used is going to save you money when compared to buying brand new. That’s where Onlyinc comes in handy, giving you a good deal on a machine Onlyinc has inspected.


If you want to sell your heavy machinery, you’re going to find this the absolute option. There are no fees until you sell your machine. Unlike other sites which charge you per listing or per month, Onlyinc will keep your ad up until it sells. We take care of the advertising and marketing and we will bring you serious buyers, filtering out lookyloos.

Check out all the dump trucks, trailers, lifts, and more here: Only, Inc. – Your Premier Used Truck and Heavy Equipment Sales Team (onlyinc.com)



As anyone knows, bidding can get you a great deal or max you out. That being said, Ebay will have a lot of options, you’ll just have to do more research to find what you need. Buying heavy machinery on Ebay requires you to do some research, so be sure to ask questions to the seller about the machinery.


If you sell on Ebay, you’re going to pay a hefty fee of about 12.5%. If you sell a dozer for about $60,000, you’re going to owe Ebay $7,500. If it’s not selling, you’re going to have to take the time to learn how to advertise your machinery on Ebay. Here’s a thread on selling on Ebay we found interesting confused about heavy equipment fees – The eBay Community

Machinery Trader


Here is an option some people use. There are a variety of machines to go through, especially earthing equipment. There are a lot of options in this site.


Selling on this site costs money is one downside, and if you have other rigs, you might have to sell on another site. Overall it’s a pretty good site with some great options.

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