Get in the Heavy equipment operating business

Get in the Heavy equipment operating business

Heavy equipment operators make good money. To get there you’re gonna need some training. So set aside a piece of your next paycheck and get in this business. Here’s how you’re going to do that.


Many trade schools or apprenticeships are going to ask for a a high school diploma or a GED. These aren’t hard to get but taking the time away from work can be annoying. The test can take up to 7 hours, so brush up on your basic knowledge and do it. Here’s a link to get started: How to Get a GED Fast (

That being said, if you go through some other training options, you may not have to take a GED.

Get your training

Training to be a heavy equipment operator requires training. This can be done through state or union apprenticeships. Another option is to go through a college or technical school. There are also more courses available online.

heavy equipment operator certification online

Get trained for heavy equipment operating online. Check out this website and learn exactly what you need for the machinery you’ll be operating. If you want to operate a mobile crane, check out this guide here:NCCCO Study Materials: Mobile Crane Operator Certification Study Guide PDF (

Here’s what Total Equipment Training says about getting an online certificate for crane operating:

“The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) has been nationally recognized to certify crane operators. Many states require certification and only acknowledge licenses obtained through NCCCO by a provider, such as Total Equipment Training. We are pleased to provide an affordable and effective training option and downloadable study materials to help you successfully prepare for the NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Written Exams. These materials come in a digital PDF format.”

Used heavy equipment loans

To get started, or to see what the process is for loans on used equipment, check out our used heavy equipment category. From there you’ll be able to see whatever you might need on the job. It will give you an idea on the market. You can use a quick apply for a loan and the brokers will tell you the exact details for the machine you’ll need.

Here’s our selection of heavy equipment: Heavy Equipment – Only, Inc. (

Our financing is available through our two favorite brokers, Nation Capitol Funding, and True Core Capital.

Being a heavy equipment operator takes a GED, technical training or an apprenticeship, and skill. There are various ways to learn the tricks of the trade and applying yourself to this career will be worth it once you’re in. The benefits of going through a union also makes this more appealing for certain candidates.

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