How much does it cost to buy a dump truck

How much does it cost to buy a dump truck

A dump truck can cost anywhere to $5,000 to dump trucks in the 6 figures. Starting costs are determined by factors such as year, mileage, damage, axles, bed metal, and more. Here are a few examples.

This dump truck has steel fold down sides, brand new tires all around, it’s a 14′ flat bed. With only 84,000 this little dump truck is going to go fast. But to know what dump truck you need, you’ll have to know what kind of work you’ll be doing.

Not everyone needs a huge dump truck, may people will do with a smaller single axle for hauling mulch, dirt, and various debris. This is great for entrepeneurs who work outside doing large scale yard work.

Is buying a dump truck a good investment

Buying a dump truck can be an amazing investment. If you want to make money, there are plenty of opportunities to bring in a steady stream of income.

This includes offering your services to landscaping companies, working with the Uber of dump trucks to find work, online job boards, subcontracting to the DTO and more. Check out our article and see step by step how to do it: Here’s How To Make Money With Your Dump Truck – Only, Inc. (

I need a loan to buy my dump truck

You apply for financing in 3 easy steps. Just fill out our Quick Apply application. Next our lenders will review what you’re looking for, assess your needs, and bring you an offer in 24 hours. That’s pretty simple!

buy a dump truck with bad credit

Credit scores are not the only factor that lenders take into account. Generally people with 600 or above are more likely to get a loan or refinancing. Either way, it can’t hurt to apply, it’s only 3 steps. If you don’t get approved, maybe purchase a smaller dump truck and get a side hustle going and improve your credit score.

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